The Waltraud Netzer Youth Prize

The Waltraud Netzer Youth Prize recognizes youth projects that actively engage with history and/or promote the development of a thriving democracy. A special focus is placed on initiatives by individuals, civic engagement, and influential ideas with the potential for a wider impact. Both projects by youth and projects for youth are awarded.

The winners are chosen by the executive board of Gegen Vergessen - Für Demokratie e.V. The prize is awarded annually together with the Gegen Vergessen - Für Demokratie Prize at a public ceremony, where an address is given by a relevant luminary.

The prize comes with a financial award of €1,500 made available by the sponsor, the healthcare provider Dr. Nikolaus Netzer Verw. GmbH.

The award is presented in memory of Waltraud Netzer, who together with her fellow students granted shelter to persecuted people under National Socialism. She became involved in the SPD after the war and was a district counsellor in Munich-Schwabing for 20 years.