Promoting dialogue!

The online platform “Promoting dialogue!” combines elements of political-historical education and solution-oriented systemic approaches. The platform, which went online at the beginning of 2014, invites users to consider multiple points of view when engaging with socially relevant topics that are typically adopted and brought into public discourse by leftist or left-extremist circles.

In particular, the page addresses representatives of leftist-alternative and left-wing radical groups, alongside municipalities, police and businesses. A fundamental scepticism separates leftist groups from these latter entities and can make any dialogue difficult. Very quickly, conflicts can appear unsolvable and threaten to escalate.

By telling true stories, the platform shows how these kinds of difficult situations can be avoided with the right preventative measures. The accounts relate conflicts from different points of view and suggest different ways of responding to familiar situations. One can learn as much from mistakes as from new approaches to solving problems.

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