The Gegen Vergessen - Für Demokratie Prize

The Gegen Vergessen - Für Demokratie Prize recognizes and supports outstanding dedication to the goals expressed in the association’s charter, to the values of democracy, and to developing suitable ways of coming to terms with the past or tackling right-wing extremism. A focus is placed on initiatives by individuals, civic engagement, and influential ideas with the potential for a wider impact. Against the background of German history and in an ever-more integrated Europe, internationally oriented projects receive special attention.

Awards are given to individuals, initiatives, or projects. Prizewinners are chosen by a jury composed of the prize’s founder, Mr Rainer Braam, and the chairperson and deputy chairpersons of the association. The prize is awarded annually at a public ceremony, where an address is given by a relevant luminary.

The prize comes with a financial award of €7,500, made available by the sponsor, which also donates up to €5,000 for the award ceremony itself. The prize is sponsored by the Frauke-Weber-und Rainer-Braam-Foundation (formerly the Rainer-Braam-Foundation, B & W Media Service GmbH, Essen).